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Life-enriching tours in Costa Rica

Lava Tours is an adventure tour company in Costa Rica that has been facilitating life-enriching adventures since 2003. Our goal is to enrich mind and body through a combination of adventure and discovery.

How do we do that?

We combine structured learning and unexpected discoveries. Our guides are expert story-tellers that will interpret all that Costa Rica has to offer: nature, history, politics, adventure and sustainable development.

Travel with us and let us amaze you!

Our affordable tours are all inclusive: we want you to pedal, paddle and hike without worries so we provide guides, equipment, take home water bottles, hydration and snacks.

Travel responsibly in Costa Rica

Lava Tours is also a responsible travel company. Working with local communities, supporting environmental preservation and the sustainable use of our lands we hope to make a positive impact wherever we go. Lava Tours adheres to the International Mountain Biking Association's rules of the trail and actively promotes its efforts in Costa Rica.

Visiting Costa Rica is like nowhere else in the tropical Americas: our routes feature active volcanoes, high mountain passes, lush tropical forests, waterfalls, river crossings and a lot of fun activities.

For the nature lover, Costa Rica features unrivaled biodiversity: four species of primates, over 800 species of birds, several species of wildcats, alligators and crocodiles just to name a few.

Plan your tours in Costa Rica with us and take advantage of our great pricing. We will make sure you have the best tropical adventure ever!

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